Sort Later

Type {Exhibition; Production &                            Project Management}
Date 02/2023

2023 RISD Graphic Design Senior exhibition celebrates design as “...a form of sorting. The designer takes disparate elements and strings them together; remixed and recombined. Charged with the unending task of forging new connections, we have tediously aligned type to page, gathered content for books, and compiled assets for websites. While discursive, sorting becomes a way to retain control. It implies a tangible end to the process. So often, each design decision leads to some envisioned ‘end.’ 

Sort Later is about letting go of ideas of finality and instead celebrating the work in progress, the liminal, and the unanswered.”

Working as part of the Project Management, I oversaw the planning, organizing, and directing of the show—specifically in cataloguing and 
organizing work, and additionally in printing labels, setting up exhibition, collecting works, contacting arists, and producing printed matter.


Project Managers: Sharlene Deng, Mio Kosaka, Monet Fukawa, Mizuki Hanada, Anmol Govinda Rao, Ashley Yae

Curatorial Statement: Truman Lesak, Henry Spuria, Emma Noel, Iris Xie

Identity: Sharlene Deng, Matthew Cuschieri

Printed Matter: Mizuki Hanada, Anita Huang, Matthew Cuschieri, Emma Noel, Henry Spuria, Iris Xie

Exhibition Team: Sharlene Deng, Mio Kosaka, Monet Fukawa, Truman Lesak, Sofia Santana, Yasemin Sarıhan

Web Design: Max Biedler, Jingyu Feng, Truman Lesak, Valia Liu, Wayne Luan

Production: Max Biedler, Iris Cho, Matthew Cuschieri, Sharlene Deng, Mio Kosaka, Monet Fukawa, Mizuki Hanada, Anmol Govinda Rao, Ashley Yae, Jingyu Feng, Annita Huang, Wayne Luan, Emma Noel, Nishta Nanda, Nathaniel Krohn, Amy Lim, Maxton O’Connor, Jessica Perkins, Alex Zhu, Karen Zhou, Iris Xie, Henry Spuria, Yasemin Sarhan