The Breakthrough Interview

Type {Publication}
Date 04/2022

As part of an annual RISD GD Interview publication, this editorial issue features exclusive interviews with design studio NORMALLOGIC as well as a short interview with Studio XXX on working behind the scenes of the ever-growing K-Pop industry and details how they successfully design album covers and packaging. Both design studios are based in Korea.

This publication was printed through the Newspaper Club.

Tadao Ando

Type {Exhibition Design}
Date 02/2022
Scale 18″×18″×15″; 1″=1′

Scale model for a potential exhibition located on S Waters St, Providence, Rhode Island. This walkthrough exhibition reflects Ando’s famous architecture characteristics of concrete walls, big open space, and elements of water and light.


Type {Infographics, Presentation Design}
Date 02/2023

Toto’s Night Off

Type {Illustration}
Date 09/2022

Ten sequential drawings that narrate a story.

Trout Exhibition

Type {Exhibition Design}
Date 05/2022
Scale  30″×40″×12″ ½″=1′

Tasked to design an exhibition for trouts, I aimed to create an immersive experience where audience can walk through an underwater experience to learn about trouts.


Type {Poster, Illustration}
Date 05/2021

Bondye Bon

Type {Illustration}
Date 08/2018

Founded in 2018, “Bondye Bon” is an annual fundraiser that donates sustainable eco-bags and school backpacks to students in Haiti, in hopes of supporting and encouraging education.

“Bondye Bon” translates into “God is Good” in Haitian Creole.